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Free software

Here you can download trial versions of iTamer.

In our commercial product we’ve used encryption software and a few images for the website from the public domain. We would like to give something back: the software that we needed but couldn’t find, in the hopes that it will be useful for other developers.

iTamer Trial Versions

Try iTamer free for 30 days. At any time during the trial period or when it is over, you can buy and install a non-trial version and all your data will be available to you. Once your 30-day trial period is over, you will have an option to export all your data to a location of your choice.

iconc is a console utility that compiles one or more images into one .ico file.

It is very convenient to use in a batch file as part of an automated image generation process.

Images can be in any format supported by GDI+ (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), but in the generated icon file they are always in the PixelFormat32bppARGB format. Images bigger than 128x128 pixels are copied as is (PNG should work).

The source code is released under the very permissive MIT license, and for those who cannot build it from the source code, we’ve included signed binaries (32- and 64-bit) for Windows XP and above.

KeePass2JSON is a KeePass 2 plugin that allows you to export KeePass database as a file in the JSON format suitable for iTamer import. To install, copy the downloaded KeePass2JSON.plgx file into the KeePass directory (where the KeePass.exe is) or a subdirectory of it and restart KeePass in order to load the new plugin.